A work on time, being and perception.

The shortest way, but as difficult as others, to define what life is. This work can not be a one stage. First, comes the human. What makes a human? It is very intricate, this common creature. How can it be shown, how? – Naked…

What sort of naked? A nude as beautiful as that will not evoke any other instinct – only the basic instinct! – at first. In other words, both the impressive summit and the whole mountain are just as striking in beauty. How could it happen, human? – Anatomic and natural. How can it be made? It is a riddle, a puzzle in the mind. It depends on who looks at it. Everybody has his own nude according to himself. Is there a psychoanalitic nude?

A hint: Integrate the limbs, not the contours here.

And how about time? It is everywhere. But it must be exhibited some where. The underground of Istanbul is also time.

Pertaining(domain) and knowledge(poem) will be in the next consecutive stage.

The human is one of nature's forms. Time and existence forms everything.

ERHUN ŞERBETÇİ June 1st, 2009