Regular care: 

Keeping a carpet clean is most easily and best done on a regular basis. Fırmly brushing a wool or silk carpet with a stiff broom or using an electric vacuum cleaner are the most straightforward ways to maintain your hand-made treasure.

How frequently a carpet needs to be cleaned is completely dependent on how much it is used, its location, and its color (lighter colors show dirt a ibt more quickly).

Things to avoıd

Washing machines



Extremely high water temperature

Harsh chemical detergents (such as dry-cleaning chemicals)

Electric rotary brushes (only meant for machine-woven carpets)

Soaking the carpet


How to clean up a spıll

First step in cleaning a spill should be to soak up as much liquid as possible by pressing a clean cloth over the spill, both from front and back of the carpet. 

If there is no remaining stain, the carpet can be dried using a hand-held hair dryer. 

Other common spills may be cleaned as follows: 

Red Wine – After absorbing as much liquid as possible, wipe spot with white wine vinegar, and then with water.

Mud – Allow to dry and then vacuum or brush out.

Pet Urine – Absorb as much liquid as possible, wipe with sponge and let dry. Then clean with white vinegar. If still not clean, gently clean with a mix of 3 parts alcohol to 1 part ammonia.

Never use bleach.


cleanıng your carpet at home

The only requirement is a large enough space to lay the carpet flat.


Soft-bristled brush

Luke-warm water

Cleaning solution: white vinegar and, either carpet shampoo or a natural soap, dissolved in the water.


Test a small corner for color fastness: rub a corner of the carpet firmly with a damp white cloth, then inspect the cloth carefully for traces of color.

Bush and beat the carpet thoroughly to remove loose particles.

Lay carpet flat, dip brush in water, then wipe with firm but gentle strokes.

First brush vertically, with and against the pile, then horizontally, side to side across the pile.

Apply solution sparingly, so as not to soak the base of the carpet.

Dry by laying the carpet flat on a hard surface outside, or indoors with a warm air heating system. 

Do not place anything or walk on the carpet until it dries.