Among his many commitments as traveler, musician, solicitor, psychologist, Dario Gambarin has continued in his recent works (2000 – 2005) the no small pursuit of those "primitive values" already explored in the University lecture halls and in the screaming and forceful surfaces of psychopathologic art from Prinzhorn to Volmat.Notwithstanding his solid academic background, Gambarin avoids direct cultural reference. Yes, of course, we can trace connections to Van Gogh and certain expressionists such as Rousseau… but his work is far from trends and schools, art politics and theories which remain in the background, substantially foreign to the life and work of Gambarin.This serves to open on the canvas surface a spontaneous passage for emotion, the subject depicted being in fact the primary place where passion manifests itself: the human face, represented in a figurative or less-figurative style, abstracted by sudden brushstrokes, fiery reds and yellows.Marks of breathlessnes and excitement. A heart-felt wager: for emotion to become language, to find its own means of communication to speak directly to the viewer without mediation or deceit, a body to body contagion dedicated to consecrating the sovereignty of color over form, life-experience over conceptualisation, interjection over the sentence, medium over message.The invitation to the viewer is explicit: to retrace the artist's steps backwards along the same path, appealing to the same values, suffering the same pain, discovering the sanity behind his insanity, to pursue the artist amongst the obscurities of the shadows, seeking guidance from the angst-ridden, glimmering chromatism. For Gambarin, painting becomes above all a gesture, a summons, and an "experience".Text written on Dario Gambarin's work by Professor Alessandro Serra, Doctor of Art Psychology Fine Art Department, University of Bologna