Istanbul starts to talk through the project "IMISTANBUL"…

The exhibition, composed of different faces of the city and photographed by 80 photographers throughout the year, meets art lovers in the Nakilbent Cistern on Saturday, 10 January, 2015.

IMISTANBUL is a lifelong photography project by the photographer Niko Guido, who is the creator and at the same time the advisor of the project. The most important aim of the project is to register Istanbul's both improving and simultaneously rapidly changing faces by photographers and to build an archive and carry the heritage to future

generations. Nearly a year ago, a bunch of photographers came together under the group named " Photography Travellers" and each participant presented one favorite photograph to the exhibition, and with this, aims to carry all the work done to future generations. With this "IMISTANBUL" Photography Project (which will be repeated every year), the history along with the traditional and ageless face of the city, the smiling face of it during day and night, and even its sometimes chaotic side, comes alive. Residents who live all around Istanbul are also reflected in these photographs…..


Venue: Nakkas Cistern Art Gallery

Opening date   : 10 January 2015

Exhibition date:10-18 January 2015

Press Contact: HAKAN ÇAĞLAV 0535 661 95 12