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Oriental rugs are renowned for their exquisite beauty and craftsmanship. These rugs are hand woven with motifs and colors that reflect the rich history and cultural heritage of Turkey. Oriental rugs have been a part of Turkish culture for centuries, and they continue to be highly valued today.

Oriental rugs are not just beautiful works of art; they are also significant cultural artifacts. Turkish rugs have been an important part of Turkish life for centuries, serving not only as functional items but also as a way to showcase the artistry and craftsmanship of Turkish weavers. Oriental rugs are known for their detailed designs, stunning colors, and excellent class, which makes them highly sought after by collectors and connoisseurs worldwide.

Pazyryk rug has been considered to be the world’s oldest carpet dating back to the 5th century B.C. Researchers found out that a special dying technique, involving the fermentation of the sheep’s wool before it was dyed increased the brilliance and longevity of the color.

The analysis mainly focused on red fool fibers, also known as the pigment “Turkey red,”  which has been used by people in Central Asia and the Far East. The Pazyryk rug was found in the grave of a Scythian nobleman near the Altai Mountains in Kazakhstan in 1949. It had been very well preserved as it was frozen when it was found and currently kept at the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia

Nakkaş Rugs is a leading Oriental Turkish carpet store located in Istanbul, Turkey. The store specializes in handmade rugs, offering a wide selection of authentic Oriental rugs, from antique to vintage to contemporary. Nakkaş Rugs is committed to providing customers with the highest quality rugs at competitive prices while ensuring excellent customer service.

Nakkaş Oriental Rug Collection

Nakkaş Rugs is a family-owned business that has been in operation for over 40 years. The store was founded by Mr Cengiz Kara and Mr. Cengiz Korkmaz in 1989 and has since become a leading Oriental Turkish carpet store in Istanbul. Nakkaş Rugs is known for its high-quality rugs and excellent customer service, and the store has built a reputation for being one of the best places to buy authentic Oriental Turkish rugs in Istanbul.

Types of Turkish Rugs

There are several types of traditional designs of Turkish rugs, including tribal, village, city, and palace rugs. Each type of rug has its unique characteristics and is made using different materials and techniques. Whether you are looking for a simple tribal rug or an elaborate palace rug, Nakkaş Rugs in Istanbul offers a wide selection of high-class Turkish rugs to suit any taste and budget.

Tribal Rugs

Tribal rugs are traditionally made by nomadic tribes in rural areas. These rugs are often made with wool, which is locally sourced, and have simple designs and bright colors. Tribal rugs are known for their durability and are often used as floor coverings in living rooms or as wall hangings.

Village Rugs

Village rugs are made by skilled artisans in small towns and villages throughout Turkey. These rugs are often made with wool, cotton or silk, and the designs are more intricate than those of tribal rugs. Village rugs often have different colors and texture, feature floral or geometric patterns and are known for their high-class construction and durability.

City Rugs

City rugs are made in urban centers throughout Turkey and are known for their uniqueness, their intricate designs and high-quality construction. These rugs are often made with silk or a blend of wool and silk, and the designs often feature floral or geometric patterns. City rugs are highly valued by collectors and connoisseurs for their exquisite beauty and craftsmanship.

Palace Rugs

Palace rugs were traditionally made for the Ottoman court and were some of the most elaborate and expensive rugs ever made. These rugs were often made with silk and featured intricate designs and patterns, including floral motifs and calligraphy. Palace rugs were highly prized by the Ottoman sultans, and many of these silk rugs are now held in museums around the country and the world.

Double Knot Technique

What technically differentiates Turkish rugs from other carpets is the double knot technique. 

Called the Ghiordes or Turkish knot, it is symmetrical, with each piece of yarn wrapping two warps, providing a much more resilient and strong weave.

More about Oriental Rugs

Oriental Carpet Collection at Nakkaş

Oriental Turkish rugs are one of a kind, handwoven works of artistry that reflect the long history and cultural heritage. The unique patterns and designs found in Oriental rugs are a testament to the skill and creativity of Turkish carpet makers. These rugs are made using a variety of common materials, including wool and silk, and are often both hand woven and knotted, resulting in a high-quality, durable product that will last for generations.

One of the most distinguishing features of Oriental rugs is the special patterns and designs they create. From geometric shapes to floral motifs to animal figures, the patterns and designs found in Oriental Turkish rugs are unique and often tell a story. Each carpet is a one-of-a-kind piece, handwoven by skilled artisans using traditional techniques passed down through generations.

Handmade Oriental Turkish rugs are vastly different from machine-made rugs, as they are crafted using time-honored methods and traditional materials. The weaving process is a labor-intensive one, and it can take months to complete a single rug. The result, however, is a rug of unparalleled beauty, elegance and quality that will stand the test of time.

Oriental rugs are known for their intricate and varied designs. The designs of Oriental Turkish rugs often reflect the cultural and artistic influences of the various regions of Turkey. The most common colors and design patterns include geometric shapes, floral motifs, and animal figures. Many rugs also feature calligraphy, which adds an additional layer of beauty and meaning to the rug.

Oriental Turkish rugs are known for their vibrant colors and soft, which are achieved using natural dyes sourced from plants and insects. Common colors used in a Turkish rug include red, blue, green, pink, yellow, and brown. The colors used in a rug can also have symbolic meaning, with red symbolizing love and passion, and blue symbolizing peace and tranquility.

An Oriental style Turkish rug often features symbolic motifs and designs that hold cultural and spiritual significance. For example, a carpet with a tree of life design represents fertility and growth, while a carpet with a dragon design represents power and strength. The use of symbolism in Oriental style Turkish rugs adds an additional layer of meaning and depth to the rug, making it more than just a decorative item.

Oriental Turkish rugs come in a variety of sizes and shapes, ranging from small prayer rugs to large room-sized carpets. Traditional carpet sizes are often based on the needs of the community or the purpose of the room with the rug. For example, rugs used as seccade are typically smaller in size, while palace rugs are often large and elaborate.

Oriental Turkish rugs are known for their unique designs, handwoven quality, and use of traditional materials. These rugs are a testament to the skill and creativity of Turkish rug makers, and each rug is a one-of-a-kind work of artistry that reflects the rich cultural heritage of Turkey. Whether you are looking for a tribal rug, village rug, city rug, or palace rug, Nakkaş Rugs in Istanbul offers a wide selection of authentic Oriental Turkish rugs to suit any taste and budget.

Nakkaş Rugs: A Leading Oriental Turkish Carpet Store in Istanbul

Unique Features of Nakkaş Rugs

One of the unique features of Nakkaş Rugs is the store’s commitment to preserving the technique of rug making. The store works directly with weavers in various regions to source high-quality materials and to ensure that the rugs are made using traditional techniques. This commitment to preserving traditional carpet making is reflected in the quality and beauty of the rugs available at Nakkaş Rugs.

Oriental rugs available at Nakkaş Rugs

Nakkaş Rugs offers a wide selection collection of Oriental Turkish rugs, from antique to vintage to contemporary. The store specializes in handmade rugs, and each rug is carefully selected for its quality and beauty. Customers can choose from a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs, ensuring that they find the perfect rug for their home or business.

Customer satisfaction and reviews

Nakkaş Rugs has a reputation for excellent customer service and satisfaction. Customers who have purchased rugs from the shop Nakkaş Rugs have praised the store’s knowledgeable staff, quality of the rugs, and fair prices. Many customers return to the shop Nakkaş Rugs for additional rugs and recommend the store to friends and family.

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