The  Whiffenpoofs, founded in 1909, is formed by students of the senior class of Yale University. The group gives choral concerts around the world. This Yale University acapella group will give a concert in Nakkaş Art Gallery on August 7th, 2009. The group is providing support for the education of students.  Among previous members of the group we can see names like Cole Porter and Prescott Bush, father of former president H.W.Bush. The human voice is used as an instrument in acapella music, and spcially selected voices perform different roles in the group. The 13 week world
tour of the acapella chorus, The Whiffenpoofs, includes many countries such as New Zealand, Australia, Japan, China, Thailand, Nepal, India, South Africa, France, Greece, Turkey and ends in Israel. During this long tour, Nakkas welcomes the Whiffenpoofs annually in its historical 6th century cistern. Songs such as Down by, Sally Gardens, Midnight Train to Georgia, Something Like the Blues, and We Meet Again Tonight will be performed this year.