Hereke Rugs: A Legacy of the Ottoman Empire's Luxurious Weaving Tradition

Weaving Excellence in Every Thread

The small coastal town of Hereke, located just 60 kilometers east of Istanbul, Turkey, is a name that resounds with connoisseurs of luxury textiles across the globe. Since the 19th century, Hereke has been celebrated for crafting the world’s most prestigious and finest pure silk carpets, an art form that originated at the zenith of the Ottoman Empire. Today, these exquisite Hereke carpets continue to embody the pinnacle of weaving excellence, harmoniously blending tradition with unrivaled quality.

The Origin of Hereke's Weaving Mastery

The significance of Hereke in the annals of carpet weaving was immortalized when Sultan Abdülmecid I established the Hereke Imperial Factory in 1843. This institution initially served to furnish the palatial grandeur of the Ottoman court, producing sumptuous fabrics, including pure silk carpets, for Dolmabahçe Palace and other Ottoman palaces. The production of these masterpieces was once exclusive, with these carpets adorning the most illustrious Ottoman and, later, Turkish homes.

Nakkaş Hereke Rug Collection

Nakkas Rug’s collection of Hereke Rugs is with a wide range of designs, colors, and sizes available. Our Hereke rugs features unique designs and patterns that have been inspired by Turkish culture and history. 

A Tradition Upheld by Nakkaş Hereke Rugs Collection

Nakkaş, renowned for its extensive collection of traditional rugs, offers a curated selection of Hereke rugs. These pieces are not mere textiles but artifacts of a bygone era, each narrating a tale of the town’s historical tapestry. Our collection features a wide array of designs, from the elaborate and detailed to the minimal and contemporary, ensuring that each patron finds a rug that resonates with their aesthetic and decor needs.

Double Knotting: The Handcrafted Signature of Hereke Excellence

The hallmark of Hereke rugs lies not just in their patterns or silk but in the intricate double knotting technique, a method steeped in centuries of Turkish tradition. Known also as the Turkish or Gördes knot, this labor-intensive process of hand-knotting is what gives Hereke carpets their superior strength and a uniform 45-degree pile angle. The result is a resilient and dense fabric that stands up to wear and tear far better than its single-knotted counterparts, ensuring the rug maintains its structure and exquisite sheen over extensive use and time.

Each handcrafted knot is a testament to the weaver’s skill, with as many as a million double knots per square meter in the finest pieces. This incredible density of knots allows for staggering detail in the rug’s design, with crisp, clear patterns that can depict intricate scenes and elaborate motifs with astonishing clarity. The precision and uniformity of these hand-tied knots create a surface that is not only beautiful to look at but also smooth and supple to touch.

The commitment to hand knotting also ensures that each Hereke rug is genuinely one of a kind. The weaver’s individual technique, the tension of the knots, and the slight variations in the dye lots contribute to each carpet’s unique character. The addition of gold and silver threads in some exclusive Hereke designs elevates these carpets to the realm of art, suitable for display as much as for traditional use.

The double knot technique not only serves an aesthetic purpose but is also a marker of the rug’s longevity. Hereke carpets are known to last generations, often becoming more valuable over time. The rigorous process of double knotting also means that these rugs are less prone to unraveling or shedding, making them a sustainable choice for those looking to invest in a piece of functional art that holds its beauty and value.

In the realm of Turkish carpets, Hereke rugs stand out for their luxurious quality and exceptional craftsmanship. The double knotting method is a tradition that has been protected and perfected in the town of Hereke, ensuring that every rug that comes from this region is nothing short of a masterpiece. At Nakkaş, every Hereke rug we offer is a celebration of this age-old technique, promising our customers a piece that is as durable as it is beautiful.

Silk: The Emblem of Hereke Carpets

Silk, the primary material in the finest Hereke carpets, is sourced from Bursa’s time-honored silk farms, ensuring each carpet is crafted from the highest quality fibers. This pure silk, known for its lustrous sheen and smooth texture, allows for unparalleled detail in patterns, capturing the essence of the Ottoman’s artistic heritage in every design.

Wool on Cotton: The Versatile Alternative

In addition to the pure silk variety, Hereke’s artisans also weave wool on cotton rugs known for their high knot density and robustness. These rugs, suitable for various settings from living rooms to bedrooms, provide a more accessible entry point into the world of Hereke’s weaving artistry while maintaining the high standards synonymous with the Hereke name.

Patterns and Designs: A Cultural Mosaic

Hereke rugs are famed for their naturalistic floral decoration. Designs overflow with blossoms of plum, tulips, carnations, and roses, each symbolising spring and the region’s botanical diversity. The motifs are not just decor but also symbolism, reflecting the weavers’ deep connection to nature and cultural storytelling.

Continuing the Legacy in the Modern Era

Today, the art of Hereke rug making persists in the hands of skilled artisans who remain dedicated to their craft. Maintaining the high standards set by their forebears, these weavers produce carpets that are consistently recognized for their beauty, quality, and enduring nature. These modern-day masterpieces honor their rich past while ensuring the continuation of Hereke’s legacy into the future.

Hereke Area Rugs: A Statement of Sophistication

Adorn your living spaces with Hereke rugs for large areas, which are not only a symbol of luxury but also a functional addition to any home. Crafted with materials of the highest caliber, they invite touch with their softness and offer visual delight with their vibrant colors and unique designs, making them the perfect complement to any interior design scheme.

Hereke Vintage Rugs: Timeless Appeal

The allure of Hereke vintage rugs lies in their ability to transcend trends. With a blend of traditional craftsmanship and aged charm, these rugs capture the essence of Turkish carpets, offering a timeless aesthetic that appeals to both modern and traditional tastes.

Durability Meets Artistry

The robust nature of Hereke carpets makes them more than just beautiful objects. Their enduring construction ensures they withstand the test of time, making them a practical choice for daily enjoyment and a valuable heirloom for generations to come.

Customizing Elegance: Hereke Carpets for Every Taste

Hereke carpets are available in an array of sizes, colors, and patterns, ensuring there is a perfect piece for every preference and room. Whether you are drawn to the bold and vibrant or the subtle and sophisticated, our carpets will surely enrich any space with their traditional elegance and modern appeal.

Invite History Into Your Home

Incorporate a piece of history into your home with a Hereke carpet. Each rug elevates your living space and connects to the rich tapestry of Turkish and The Ottoman Empire artistry. These carpets are not mere decor; they are stories woven in silk, waiting to be a part of your home’s narrative.

Discover the Nakkaş Hereke Rug Collection

We invite you to explore our extensive Hereke Carpet Collection, where each rug is a testament to the town’s weaving excellence. Connect with us to discover more about our range of traditional rug and carpet options. Find Hereke carpets that speak to you, ready to be cherished for their beauty and historical significance.

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