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Oushak has a rich history of rug making, dating back to the 15th century. One of the most notable features of Oushak rugs is their soft, muted color palette, which is often characterized by earthy tones such as beige, cinnamons, terracotta tints, gold, blues, greens, ivory, saffron and greys. These colors are combined with delicate floral and geometric designs, creating a sense of harmony and balance unique to Oushak rugs. The popular star and medallion carpets originated in Oushak.

Some types are called Lotto Carpets. This term comes from the Oushak carpets that Lorenzo Lotto used in his paintings, down to the finest detail.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Oushak rugs is their texture, which is soft and luxurious underfoot. This is due to the high-quality wool used in their production, which is often hand-spun and hand-dyed using natural materials. Oushak is also conveniently located near the Izmir port, making it easily accessible to European markets.

From the 16th up to the 18th century, Oushak was home to some of the most famous rug manufacturers of the Ottoman Empire. These master weavers created rugs of exceptional beauty and quality, which were highly sought-after by the aristocracy and wealthy merchants of the time.

Today, Oushak rugs continue to be produced using traditional methods and techniques, preserving the rich cultural heritage of Turkish rug making. These rugs are beautiful and functional and represent a connection to a bygone era of artistry and craftsmanship. Oushak rugs are a work of art that adds elegance and sophistication to any space.

Nakkas Oushak Rugs

Nakkas Rug offers a diverse selection of Oushak rugs in various designs, colors, and sizes. Whether you’re seeking a bold and vibrant statement piece or a subtler, more muted design, Nakkas Rug has something to suit your tastes and needs.

Nakkaş Traditional Rug Collection

Traditional Turkish rugs make up the mainstay of our collection. Nakkaş is proud to present many prime examples of a broad range of traditional rugs from all across Turkey, as well as nearby regions. Our extensive inventory includes rugs of every size, color and pattern that you can imagine.

Nakkaş Rug is home to an incredibly varied collection of over 20,000 carpets and kilims, including antique rugs. In addition to the exclusively hand-woven classic carpets, the collection also includes modern designs created with traditional weaving techniques. We have traditional Hereke, Konya, Kayseri, Sivas, Bergama and Uşak rugs, as well as Kazak, Bahtiyari and Memluk. Our collection includes rugs from small villages and towns, as well as traditional rugs that we have commissioned through our trusted supplier network.

Our traditional rugs are all one hundred per cent hand-made using natural wool and silk. Nakkaş Halı actively participates in working with suppliers and manufacturers improve working quality standards and conditions so that our beautiful rugs are of the highest quality. We also strive to support local cottage industries in towns and villages across Turkey, and our work includes providing looms and wool as well as training weavers in new techniques and encouraging new designs.

Traditional rugs in Turkey have a rich and diverse history. We are proud to present a beautiful selection of designs that include wonderful motifs and details that evoke this history and bring it into your home. Our traditional rugs range in size from small area rugs to ‘embassy’-size rugs, that are truly quite large.

Nakkaş Rug has a fine collection of Oushak rugs. With a history reaching back to the 14th century, Oushak rugs stand out from others with their pastel colors, grand bracing floral designs and special materials. The wool selected for Oushak rugs is softer and finer than that used in other types of rugs. 

Traditional rugs from our Zara collection are a recreation of 19th century classic rugs. Often, a boldly colored centered medallion is enclosed by a floral design and the whole is framed with a neutral colored wide border. This type of rug was traditionally placed in the entrance halls of grand estates to reflect the status and wealth of the owner. In our collection there is a wide variety of designs, both with central medallions and with an all-over pattern as well.

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Oushak Carpet Collection at Nakkaş

Our collection of Oushak rugs features unique designs and patterns are inspired by Turkish culture and history, making them a perfect choice for adding elegance to any living environment. From classic floral and medallion motifs to geometric shapes and various colors, our Oushak rugs come in different sizes and styles to suit your taste.

Oushak area rugs are a popular choice for those looking to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to their home. These handmade carpets are renowned for their soft colors, special patterns, and exceptional quality craftsmanship.

These rugs have a unique character and charm that comes from decades of use and history, often featuring faded colors and worn patterns that tell the story of their past. Despite their age, Oushak vintage rugs are still of exceptional quality, created using the same Turkish knot technique and fine materials as their newer counterparts. Their antique charm and enduring durability make them a wonderful addition to any home, adding a sense of history and character to any space. Oushak vintage rugs are available in a variety of sizes and colors, making it easy to find one that complements your existing decor.

Oushak rugs are a perfect choice for bringing warmth and character to a living room. The muted colors and subtle patterns of these handmade woolen carpets create a serene and inviting atmosphere that complements any decor style. Oushak rugs feature a dense and durable pile, making them ideal for high traffic areas like living rooms. These rugs are also easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that they will remain a beautiful and functional addition to your living room for years to come.

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